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Is there a difference between Planed cane and Narrowed cane?

Opus1 Fillotine    Patent Pending                   FILLiere + guillOTINE = FILLOTINE

The Opus1 FILLOTINE is a great tool used to chop your cane to the proper length and plane your cane to the correct thickness and width to be used with the Opus1 Gouging Machine. 

The Guillotine cane be configured to chop left-handed or right-handed.  You simply rotate the guillotine assembly and the switch the axle hole for the guillotine handle and you are on your way.

The FILLOTINE can be either permanently mounted on your table using the screws provided through mounting holes in the Fillotine or it can be used free on the table using the STOP LEG at the front of the filliere.

This combo unit makes for much less clutter on your table and is more economical than purchasing a separate Guillotine and Filliere from most retail stores.

When the push rod is not in use, it can be stored by placing it up-right in one of the mounting holes.  This way it will be ready for use and not lost somewhere on your table.


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