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Overview of the Opus1 Gouging Machine


Thanks for taking this time to learn about the new Opus 1 gouging machine.  I would like to go over the different elements of this machine that you should be familiar with in order to make full use of this new design.  This machine will allow you to have greater control over the dimensions of the gouge.  I will also allow you to make these adjustments in a simple, common sense fashion. 

This machine’s design has its origins in a concept known as “Limited Degrees of Freedom”.  To manipulate a specific measurement of the gouger curve, one only needs to turn a single screw.  If the results are not as desired, that same screw is just reversed to undo the changes made.  Traditional machines often require the manipulation of several screws to make a specific change to the gouge.  If the results are not satisfactory, it is often a daunting task to return all these screws to their original position.  Often, for example, to manipulate the side measurement of the gouge, you have to loosen the bed and move it with respect to the main rod.  You have now introduced the added variable of the bed not being parallel to the rod.  In most machines, too many things need to be changed to manipulate the measurements of the curve.  People often end up giving up in frustration and sending the machine off to be set up by an expert.  This takes time and costs money.