Adjustment Procedures for the Opus1 Gouging Machine



The Opus1 is designed to make complicated adjustments in an easy to understand and controlled fashion.  Each measurement change is performed by moving only ONE SCREW.  If you go too far, you simply back up the screw until the desired results are achieved.  There is no more regulating multiple screw positions to change specific dimensions of the gouged piece of cane.  Experimenting with the gouger curve can now become a much less intimidating endeavor.  All this comes with NO loss in flexibility.  You are not limited in any way by these design enhancements.


You can now see for yourself how easy it is to do these adjustments in the following procedures:


Positioning the blade


Adjust the Side Measurement


Adjust the Center Measurement


Adjust the Bed to be Parallel to the Main Rod


Using the Split Carriage Feature of the Opus1 Gouger




PDF Files for Viewing


Quick Start Guide for the Opus1 Gouger

Sharpening Your Own Blade on the Opus1 Gouger