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Blade Exposure Dial Indicator


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The BLADE EXPOSURE TOOL is designed to allow the adjustment of the blade exposure of your gouger with great control.  The video above goes into great detail.  With the blade pre-centered with the front guide, this tool will allow the blade to be dialed into the optimal position over the front guide.  You can be confident in removing and reinstalling your blade without having to go to a specialized technician.  It is also great to periodically check the position of your blade.  Over time, the position of the blade may move with respect to the front guide.  You can keep an eye on this with this tool.


I am engineering this tool to work on more gougers than just the Opus1.  This will make it a handy tool to keep in your oboe studio where there may be multiple models of gougers in use. 

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Opus1 Oboe Gouger

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