Price List


  • Opus1 Gouging Machine                                      $1,050.00

  • Dial Indicator and Attachment                              $  200.00   

  • Fillotine                                                                   $   250.00

  • Travel Case (High Impact padded case)              $   100.00

  • Multi-Tool                                                               $     60.00

    • This tool includes:​

      • Radius Gauge​

      • Gouge Point Location Finder

      • Ruler (with sample Reed Engraving)

Most people purchase their Opus1 as a package with all the tools listed above.  This is something I strongly encourage because the Gouger and the Fillotine work so closely together.  How your cane is prepared before gouging has a big effect on your final results.  You can read and watch more about this in the FRESHMAN CLASS of the GOUGER UNIVERSITY.  The TRAVEL CASE is an obvious "no brainer".


  • New Blade and Guide Contour                              $   500.00

  • Addition Blade                                                         $   150.00

  • Resharpen Blade                                                      $   100.00