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Price List


  • Opus1 Gouging Machine                                      $1,200.00

  • Carriage Check Dial Indicator with Bracket         $   200.00

  • Carriage Check Dial Indicator Bracket Only        $   125.00

  • Blade Exposure Dial Indicator                              $   300.00 

  • Fillotine                                                                   $   300.00

  • Travel Case (High Impact padded case)              $   100.00

  • Multi-Tool                                                               $     60.00

    • This tool includes:​

      • Radius Gauge​

      • Gouge Point Location Finder

      • Ruler (with sample Reed Engraving)

I recommend that people purchase their Opus1 as a package along with the Fillotine, Blade Exposure Dial Indicator, Carriage Check Dial Indicator, and Travel Case.  I call this "The Kit"This is something I strongly encourage because the Gouger and the Fillotine work so closely together.  How your cane is prepared before gouging has a big effect on your final results.  You can read and watch more about this in the FRESHMAN CLASS of the GOUGER UNIVERSITY.  The Travel Case is an obvious "no brainer".  Also, the Blade Exposure Dial Indicator is a new tool that helps check your gouger blade position and allows you to easily make adjustments to optimize the cutting action.  This tool has been EXTREMELY popular!  The New Tool for "The Kit" is the Carriage Check Dial Indicator.  With this tool, you can adjust the center measurement with precision and also see what the blade sees while gouging your cane.


  • New Blade and Guide Contour                              $   500.00

  • Addition Blade                                                         $   150.00

  • Resharpen Blade                                                      $   100.00

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