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The DIAL INDICATOR with ATTACHMENT is a new tool available for the Opus1 Gouger.  This tool allows for very precise adjustment of the CENTER MEASUREMENT of the gouge results in the cane.   The Opus1 has a small porthole in the front guide that allows this tool to see what the cane sees when gouging.  I always check this measurement when building the Opus1; however, the measurement was taken through the blade opening.  This new adaptation allows checking this measurement with the blade installed.   Now, you can check this yourself.

More than just assisting in the adjustment of the CENTER MEASUREMENT, this tool will help diagnose any potential problems with the machines setup.  If your center measurement varies along the length of the piece of cane, there are several things that could be contributing.  The blade is either ripping slightly or there is an issue with the BED and PARRALLELS.


With the DIAL INDICATOR in place, simply run the carriage along its length of travel and watch the DIAL INDICATOR.  The reading should not change from end to end.  If there is a change in the reading, there is an issue with the bed or parallels.  If the reading is consistent from end-to-end but the cane still shows a variation in thickness, you can now correctly assume the blade is too aggressive and ripping the cane as it cuts.  The exposure of the blade should be reduced to correct this. 

This tool helps give confidence in your decisions when altering your gouger.  Oboists have been asking me to make a tool like this for some time and it is now available.  There will be a video shortly in the GOUGER UNIVERSITY section of this website shortly showing this tool in action.

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Opus1 Oboe Gouger

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